Acry Warlon

Portrays the original beauty of Washi paper and creates soft-lit spaces.

Enjoy this faithful recreation of the natural material's design used in Washi paper and other products. Acry Warlon is a versatile decorative acrylic resin plate with superior light resistance and workability.


Beautiful design
Portrays the unaltered feel and texture of Washi paper and gauze in addition to creating soft-lit spaces. PN model number products use a high light-transmitting milky white color as the base, allowing for use in settings where a high-degree of whiteness and prevention of glare from light sources are required.
Lightweight and safe
At least half the weight of glass, and safe with durability and difficulty of breakage.
Superior light and water resistance
Acrylic material offers incredible light and water resistance.
Uses acrylic print film, making thermoforming and other types of molding possible just like typical acrylic resin sheets. (Please avoid thermoforming of 1.0mm-thick Acry Warlon.)
Easy upkeep
Washable with water and wiping with a damp cloth for simple cleaning.
  • light resistant

    Superior light resistance

    Excellent light resistance and almost no discoloration or degradation.

  • hard to break

    Hard to break

    Hard to break. Even if it breaks,
    it is safe because it does not scatter like glass.

  • washable


    Excellent water resistance Since uses printed film.

  • moldable


    High degree of flexibility in processing (Heating and bending.)


  • 1.0mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm
  • 3.0mm
  • 5.0mm
Sizes *
  • 910mm × 1820mm
  • 1100mm × 1360mm
  • 1000mm × 2000mm

More details, please see “Specifications” file.
If required items are not shown on chart, please ask if they can be made to order.

Where to use

  • Shoji sliding doors and fittings
  • Lighting Diffusers
  • Room dividers and partitions
  • Sign/display decorations



Please note images below show a small part of the product and a representation of the designs.
They were photographed with a black background to make the designs more visible.

  • P-2

  • P-52

  • P-83

  • PN-2

  • PN-52

  • PN-83

  • P-90

  • P-95

  • P-97

  • PN-90

  • PN-95

  • PN-97

  • P-80

  • P-81

  • P-85

  • PN-80

  • PN-81