Haru Warlon

Expresses the original patterns of Washi paper and nonwoven fabrics.

Haru Warlon is a decorative window film which heightens the design of glass and controls transmitted light volume.


Control with transmitted light volume
The beauty of Washi paper patterns creates a softly lit space especially for the interior decoration, window displays, and other spots in stores.
Acquisition of Non-Flammable Material Certification by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Flame resistance certification: Non-Flammable Material Certification by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Certification number NM-3354
Name Adhesive PVC-Based Resin Film / Non-Flammable Material* (Excludes drywall and metal plating)

Excludes already decorated materials and drywall, steel, aluminum, and metal plating among the non-flammable materials exemplified in Notification No. 1400 of the Ministry of Construction, issued in 2000. The thickness is 6 mm and above.

Usability in a variety of spaces
The design of nonwoven fabric expressing traditional Washi paper patterns and delicate lines can be used in a wide variety of spaces.
Easy machining
Machining is simple even with cutting and other machinery. The material can also be used with solvent-based inkjet printing, expanding the range of expression. (Be sure to check the compatibility with your printer model beforehand.)
Simple attachment
Attach easily by simply peeling off the separator and adhering the flexible material.
  • Fire proof certification

    Certificated non-flammable material

    Certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan as a non-flammable material.


Thickness 0.13mm (Exclude adhesive layer)
  • 1000mm width × 5m length
  • 1000mm width × 20m length

More details, please see “Specifications" file.

Where to use

  • Window decorations
  • Partitions
  • Luminous Walls
  • Sign/display decorations



Please note images below show a small part of the product and a representation of the designs.
They were photographed with a black background to make the designs more visible.

  • LP-2

  • LP-52

  • LP-80

  • LP-90

  • LP-95

  • LP-97