Warlon Plate Basic series

Decorative PVC laminated Washi/shoji plate with superior durability and flame resistance

Warlon Plate is versatile PVC laminated Washi/shoji plate with superior durability and flame resistance, which preserves the original beauty of Washi paper.


Beautiful design
Portrays the unaltered feel and texture of Washi paper and creates soft-lit spaces.
Superior durability
This decorative plate is made from Washi paper laminated on both sides with PVC resin and are incredibly durable and hard to break.
Ideal for creating safe spaces
Hard to break and certified as flame resistant. For interior use only.
Easy upkeep
Cleaning is simple as the surface can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • hard to break

    Hard to break

    Hard to break. Even if it breaks,
    it is safe because it does not scatter like glass.

  • surface washable

    Surface washable

    Laminated with PVC resin and the surface can be wiped with water.

  • flame retardant certification

    Certificated flame retardant product

    Certified by the Japan Fire retardant Association as a fire retardant product.

    More details.


  • 1.0mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2.0mm
Sizes *
  • 930mm × 1850mm
  • 930mm × 2040mm
  • 930mm × 2450mm

More details, please see “Specifications” file.
If required items are not shown on chart, please ask if they can be made to order.

Where to use

  • Shoji sliding doors and fittings
  • Lighting Diffusers
  • Room dividers and partitions
  • Sign/display decorations



Please note images below show a small part of the product and a representation of the designs.
They were photographed with a black background to make the designs more visible.

  • V-52

  • V-53

  • V-2

  • V-2-15G

  • V-1

  • V-95

  • V-19

  • V-39

  • V-86

  • V-120

  • V-61

  • V-82