The history of washi in Japan

The process for making paper came from China to Japan about 1,400 years ago, and it has evolved uniquely in Japan.
The result is known as washi paper.

Washi has been used for books, for painting, and as an interior design material.

Japan has four seasons and beautiful scenery. Japanese people sense their connection with nature all year round and are grateful to it.
We want to live in a spirit of harmony with nature.

Washi can create an outdoor feeling indoors by the light and shadows it produces. It diffuses the warm daylight to create an aura of healing and peace.

Create Wafu spaces with WARLON.

We seek to imbue Warlon products with the essence of wa, the universal Japanese sense of style. We enable novel, dynamic spaces by developing and evolving the atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility, and healing that is essential to traditional Japanese décor into the modern aesthetic of Wafu.

The evolution of a modern style based on traditional
Japanese aesthetics
Wafu is a new evolution in interior design

modern sensibilities based on Japanese aesthetics.


Japanese Aesthetics Evolved

Traditional Japanese beauty is evolving, going global.

Traditional, refined Japanese aesthetics are going global. Now is the time to create new modes of expression that will affect the future.